Saving for your child’s future is possible!

Families in the City of Toronto can start planning and saving early for their children's post-secondary education or training programs.

3 Easy Steps

Open a no-cost RESP and apply for the Canada Learning Bond.
Takes 10 minutes or less
Connect with the financial institution you chose in Step 1 to complete the application process.
Will take 1-2 weeks
If eligible, receive your child's Canada Learning Bond into the RESP.
Can take up to 2 months

You can start the process of opening an RESP and requesting the Canada Learning Bond from the comfort of your own home!

When you apply online using our MySmartFUTURE application below, you will be able to select from a range of financial institutions that offer their families at-home RESP access.

Before You Start

What is the Canada Learning Bond (CLB)?
The Canada Learning Bond is a grant of $500 to $2,000 from the Federal Government of Canada to help eligible families with the cost of their child’s education after high school. The CLB is deposited directly into a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for a child. Use this application to request your child’s CLB at no cost!
See how your child’s education savings could add up year by year! Try our online calculator.
Is my child eligible?
A child is eligible for the CLB if they:
  • were born on or after January 1, 2004
  • are a resident of Canada
  • have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • are named in an RESP.
Plus, the parent or guardian must:
  • Have a net family income under $48,535*.
  • Have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  • Have filed taxes for at least one of the years since the eligible child was born. (Need help?)
  • For families with 1 to 3 children.

Did you know? Children with education savings of up to $500 are 3 times more likely to enroll in post-secondary and 4 times more likely to graduate.

I am ready to apply!

Visit your local branch OR follow the instructions below to open an RESP and request your child’s CLB with one of our partner financial institutions.
There is no cost to open an RESP.

I already opened an RESP!

Call 1-888-276-3624 to ask if your child already receives the CLB into their RESP.
If they don’t, contact your RESP provider to ask for assistance.

I need some help!

Call the Canada Education Savings Program government hotline at:

Start Saving Today for Your Child's Education Tomorrow!

What do I need to open an RESP with the financial institution? (not required on the application)
  • For the CLB you will need to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) for you and for your child.

I'm ready to apply!

If you cannot see the application form, click here.

For more information, contact:

City of Toronto
Contact: 311
TTY: 416-0TTY (0889)

Canada Learning Bond/Federal Government
Contact: 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232)
TTY Call Centre: 1-800-926-9105